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Our Background in Construction and The Years We Have of Purchasing Properties as Investments and Building a Substantial Real Property Portfolio has Now Made us a Leader in the Rental and Property Management Market.

Services Offered:

Tenant Placement

For the Property Owner that Does not Seek Ongoing Management Services

  • We’ll Advertise and Market Your Rental Apartment, Home or Commercial Space
  • Show the Property to Potential Tenants
  • Supply and Collect Rental Applications
  • Obtain Copies of Credit Reports of Potential Tenants
  • Provide Lease if needed
  • Collect Security Deposit and 1st Month’s Rent/lease

Property Management-

  • Include All as Indicated Above Plus Any or All of the Items Below:
  • Collect Monthly Rents, Deposit or Mail You Net Monthly Rent Less Management Fee
  • Set up Separate Bank Account Enabling us to Deposit Rents into and Pay Your Property Expenses
  • Receive all Bills Related to Your Property
  • Track Rental Payments
  • Contact Tenants Regarding Late Payments & Enforce Late Payment Penalties
  • Establish Utility Accounts to be Transferred into Our or Your Name Upon Tenant Vacating property
  • Request and Obtain Competitive Estimates From Contractors for Needed Repairs
  • Retain the Services of Contractors
Provide You with Financials
  • Income, Expenses, Copies of Service & Contractor Invoices
  • Maintain Rental/Lease Rates as High as Market Will Support While Minimizing Vacancies
  • Inform Tenants and Service Providers to Direct All Normal and Emergency Calls to Us.
  • Staff Physically Visiting Properties to Monitor Tenant Activities and Be on the
  • Lookout for Safety/Liability Issues
  • Conduct Evictions as Allowed by State Law, Including Serving Eviction Related Paperwork, Filing Eviction Paperwork with Court and Sherriff’s Departments
  • Attend Court Hearing in order to Obtain Court Ordered Writ of Possession
  • Oversee Removal of Tenants and Tenant’s furnishings
Contact Us to Customize a Service Plan to Best Fit Your Needs.

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